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Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias training

It is now acknowledged that in addition to eradicating discrimination and bias within an organisation it is important to consider the role of unconscious bias on individual behaviours and the impact is has on our ability to create an open, fair and inclusive workplace culture for all.

WISE provides a number of different routes to improving awareness and knowledge of Unconscious Bias.

We offer half day or one day awareness building courses to raise the profile of the subject within your organisation, educate leaders so that they can lead by example in the quest to change mindsets and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We also undertake the design and implementation of customised unconscious bias programmes which can be used to roll out corporate training initiatives and utilise a cascaded learning or' train the trainer' approach.

Focus groups and workshops can also be facilitated to enable the development of action plans to tackle unconscious bias and align future activities with diversity and inclusion objectives.

Implicit Association Test 

If you want to understand more about how bias affects our decision making and spontaneous behaviours then why not take the Implicit Association Test - the respected and internationally acknowledged demonstration test from Harvard University Implicit Association Project.

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