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Apprenticeship Toolkit Workshops

In support of the WISE, SEMTA and ICE toolkit, WISE is offering a series of new workshops to support employers in how to approach some of the changes needed to address their challenges.

This 2-3 hour workshop aims to provide an informative and interactive session to help organisations improve the diversity of their recruitment pool and subsequent successful applicants.

Our approach is to provide your team with credible research, insights and facilitation to inform your organisation with strategies to help you attract, engage, support and retain more female STEM apprentices. We will help you capture ideas, decisions and actions that will let you decide what changes you want to implement.

Employers can choose from a series of 2-3 hour workshops on

  • Attract – tips and tricks on how to plan engagement with schools and developing your engagement strategy
    • An optional extension to enable your organisation to become a WISE liscenced deliverer for People Like Me will extend this workshop to a full day.
  • Engage – the WISE Recruitment workshop with a focus on apprenticeships
  • Support – An introduction to Unconscious Bias in the workplace plus practical strategies to implement in your organisation, or with your training provider to offer female apprentices the additional support they may need.
  • Retain – An introduction to the WISE Ten Steps, mentoring and ongoing development of your graduating apprentices.

These workshops can be run as a series over 4 months or as individual sessions depending on employer focus, plans and timescales. Please contact us for further details.

Semta can provide a number of one day CPD courses over a range of topics:

For further details or to book a course, please contact Semta

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