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People Like Me | Role Model | Rosie Miller | Investigator, Developer, Entrepreneur

Investigator, Developer, Entrepreneur

17 November 2017

  • What kind of person is Rosie?

Rosie is a logical person who uses her persistence to tackle engineering problems on a daily basis. Her efficiency and reliability mean people depend on her to investigate any problems that the team faces. Her collaborative nature means she’s great at working with a wide variety of people!

  • What is Rosie’s job?

Rosie is an Assistant Civil Engineer for BAM Nuttall, a global construction and civil engineering company who carry out a variety of infrastructure and energy developments, such as road, rail and nuclear projects. Rosie is mainly concerned with helping to manage teams, communicating with clients and designers, and primarily making sure things are constructed to the right position, level and quality. It’s a really varied job because she never knows what challenges the next day will bring but it will be up to her to manage the situation and help find solutions!

  1. How did she get that job?

Rosie aspired to be an engineer but didn’t really understand how varied engineering was. After she finished school, she completed an apprenticeship programme with BAM Nuttall over a four year period, gaining qualifications including a Higher National Diploma and a Technical Membership of the Institute of Civil Engineering. Although this career path varies from the university route, it allowed Rosie to gain lots of practical knowledge about how the industry works. It also meant she was employed and improving her career prospects with BAM Nuttall at an age when most people are still at university! Rosie is proud of helping change the male-dominated culture in the engineering industry.

  1. Why is Rosie the ‘Investigator’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Entrepreneur’?

Rosie is an ‘Investigator’ because she uses her team working skills to collect information and figure out the best way to solve problems. She‘s also a ‘Developer’ because her practical nature and ability to work with others is perfect for coming up with clever solutions. Rosie is an ‘Entrepreneur’ because she’s a Natural Leader: she understands what people need to be successful and she uses her creative ideas to think outside the box in order to make things happen! Rosie thinks the Peaople Like me Quiz is great for opening doors to new opportunities and helping young people decide about their futures.

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