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Communicator, Persuader, Trainer

17 November 2017

  • What kind of person is Rachel?

Rachel is a really friendly person—she’s sympathetic, agreeable and Co-operative. As a graduate, Rachel gets to work in different teams across the company, so these are all great personality traits to have since she’s constantly getting to know and work with new people!

  • What is Rachel’s job?

Rachel is a Graduate Engineer for Byrne Bros., a large UK construction company that specialises in designing and building the concrete frames that underpin skyscrapers, transport networks, large residential blocks, retail parks, airports, stadiums and much more. Chances are you have seen and maybe even been in a building partly built by Byrne Bros! Rachel's graduate role means she moves teams every so often, like being on placement, giving her a really good overview of the company. So far, she’s worked as a Planner, a Quantity Surveyor and a Quality Assurer.

  • How did she get that job?

Rachel wanted to work in healthcare as a Radiation Therapist but her interest in engineering pulled her towards studying that at university. She did a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering—that put her in a good position to be recruited as part of Byrne Bros.’ graduate scheme.

  • Why is Rachel the ‘Communicator’, ‘Persuader’ and ‘Trainer’?

Rachel is a great example of the 'Communicator' because she’s able to work across many teams while on placement and adapts to people’s communication styles in order to work effectively with them. As a 'persuader', she understands what her new colleagues want and need from her as she switches placements. Finally, as a 'Trainer' Rachel is always understanding and helpful as she starts a new part of her graduate scheme. Rachel thinks the People Like Me Quiz can be a great way to reinforce what you think you might be interested in—it definitely did for her!

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