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Persuader, Communicator, Manager

17 November 2017

  • What kind of person is Lizzie?

Lizzie is a practical and intuative person who does a lot of problem solving in her job. She’s outgoing and conscientious, which means she’s great at meeting and working with new people in a team and can be relied upon to complete tasks in an efficient manner.

  • What is Lizzie’s job?

Lizzie is a Section Engineer for Balfour Beatty, a leading international construction company that finances, develops, builds and maintains the infrastructure that we all depend on. Lizzie is currently working on a major highways project and is responsible for building several bridges along this route. One of the bridges is so important that if it isn’t built on time it will delay the whole project—meaning Lizzie is under quite a lot of pressure! Lizzie is responsible for the project management of these bridges and ensures that all key designs, resources and building materials are in place for the construction teams.

  • How did she get that job?

Lizzie originally wanted to work in law or forensic science but after finishing school, she decided to go straight into work and got placed by a recruitment agency in a utilities company. After three years working there, she decided to do a Civil Engineering degree at university part-time. During her first year, she wanted more on-site construction experience and applied for a position as a Trainee Civil Engineer with Balfour Beatty. She still works there now and is in the 5th and final year of her degree!

  • Why is Lizzie the ‘Persuader’, ‘Communicator’ and ‘Manager’?

Lizzie is a 'persuader' because she’s good with design, is creative with problem solving and understands what people need to complete their tasks—that’s why she’s such a good project manager! As a 'Communicator', Lizzie is great at explaining complicated technical information, such as how to follow construction design plans, to different teams and personality types so that they can execute their tasks properly. Lizzie is a 'Manager' because she’s very organised and makes clear plans for her teams to follow. Lizzie definitely would have wanted a quiz like People Like Me at school to help her figure out her future!

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