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Developer, Regulator, Investigator

23 June 2017

  • What kind of person is Irosha?

Irosha is a practical person who is able to methodically work through tasks in order to solve tricky construction and engineering problems. She spends a lot of time on construction sites and relies on her patience and organisational skills to tackle any challenges that occur.

  • What is Irosha’s job?

Irosha is a Site Engineer for BAM Nutall, a global construction and civil engineering company that carry out a variety of infrastructure and energy developments, such as road, rail and nuclear projects. As a Site Engineer, Irosha is part of the management team at the construction site that looks after the day-to-day running of the project. She works with the contractors on-site to make sure the design plans are implemented. She’s also partly responsible for on-site security, health and safety, and supervising building materials and construction teams.

  • How did she get that job?

Growing up, Irosha wanted to be a businesswoman! By the time she was 15, she was focusing on being a civil engineer. She studied Maths, Physics, Geography and Economics at A-Level and then went to university to get a degree in Civil


  • Why is Irosha the ‘Developer’, ‘Investigator’ and ‘Regulator’?

Irosha is a 'Developer' because she’s great at being creative and coming up with practical solutions to engineering and construction problems on-site. She uses her 'Investigator' skills to work effectively with others to collect information that she can use to help solve problems. She’s also a 'Regulator' because she’s great at spotting errors and is able to think ahead to make sure everything is built to a high standard and in a safe way for everyone involved. Irosha thinks the People Like Me quiz is easy to fill out and provides a wider variety of career choices than some careers advisors suggest!

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