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Trainer, Entrepreneur and Explorer

16 June 2017

  • What kind of person is Esther?

Esther is a friendly person and her outgoing and co-operative nature makes her a good fit for working across different teams. She’s also practical and imaginative when it comes to problem solving, which makes her suited to working in challenging situations.

  • What is Esther’s job?

Esther is a Graduate Site Engineer for Skanska, a leading construction company and developer that is helping to build for a better society. They are known for big projects, like the Gherkin and Crossrail, they are creating, upgrading and maintaining the country’s buildings and infrastructure. Esther currently works on a big bridge project, providing the link between its design and the people physically building it. This involves lots of planning and organising, some precise measuring work and lots of discussions with different teams. A typical day for Esther includes being at the construction site to check build progress and make sure everything is running smoothly. She then spends the rest of the time in the office completing paperwork, interpreting drawings and participating in meetings to discuss and solve problems that invariably come up!

  • How did she get that job?

Esther never fixated on a certain job growing up. While doing her A-Levels, she looked into which careers combined the subjects she liked most (physics and maths) and would make a positive difference in the world. She found Civil Engineering and studied that at the University of Cambridge, doing a four year course that included a master’s. When she graduated she applied for graduate schemes and was hired by Skanska.

  • Why is Esther the ‘Trainer’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Explorer’?

Esther is a Trainer because she’s passionate about making a difference with engineering and great at explaining complicated engineering solutions. She matches the Entrepreneur type because she’s confident and creative with her problem solving. She also understands what all the different construction teams need and helps get them the right information. Finally, as an Explorer, Esther is naturally curious, practical and likes to discover why and how things happen—like how bridges stay up! She’s very persistent in searching out the right information to help her figure things out. Esther would have liked to have known about the People Like Me profiles at school because they are real world examples of people in jobs.

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