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Trainer, Persuader and Communicator

16 June 2017

What kind of person is Alison?

Alison is a very friendly person and her outgoing and collaborative nature is perfect for getting along with all the different people she encounters in her job. Being reliable and organised is also really important in Alison’s role and helps her make sure her measurements are accurate—which keeps our roads nice and level!

What is Alison’s job?

Alison is a Graduate Engineering Surveryor for Skanska, a leading construction company and developer that is helping to build for a better society. They are known for big projects, like the Gherkin and Crossrail; they are creating, upgrading and maintaining the country’s buildings and infrastructure. Alison’s job involves measuring and setting out precise points in the position and height of roads and highways. She works with the engineering and construction teams to ensure that the digging and building of road infrastructure is done exactly where it’s supposed to be. She’s currently working on the A14 highway near Cambridge, a project that is costing up to £1.8 billion!

How did she get that job?

When Alison was young she wanted to work for the police or the fire service but she had no idea what she wanted to do when she actually left school. She found a course, Surveying and Mapping Science, at Newcastle University that combined maths and geography—her two favourite A-Levels—and decided to take a chance. She really enjoyed the practical side of it and ended up getting a placement at Skanska during her 2nd year. Once she graduated, they offered her a graduate job with a starting salary of £26,000.

Why is Alison the ‘Trainer’, ‘Persuader’ and ‘Communicator’?

Alison matches the ‘Trainer’ type because she’s understanding and helpful. As a ‘Persuader’, she’s very organised when it comes to surveying and she knows exactly what data to collect and makes sure the right people get it. She’s a ‘Communicator’ because she’s great at interacting with a wide range of people, such as engineers, and making sure they understand what it is they need to do. Alison thinks the People Like Me quiz is a great quiz that offers young people a variety of relevant careers that they can start thinking about.

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