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Lizzie is a practical and intuative person who does a lot of problem solving in her job. She’s outgoing and conscientious, which means she’s great at meeting and working with new people in a team and can be relied upon to complete tasks in an efficient manner.


Rachel is a really friendly person—she’s sympathetic, agreeable and Co-operative. As a graduate, Rachel gets to work in different teams across the company, so these are all great personality traits to have since she’s constantly getting to know and work with new people!

People Like Me | Role Model | Rosie Miller | Investigator, Developer, Entrepreneur


Rosie is a logical person who uses her persistence to tackle engineering problems on a daily basis. Her efficiency and reliability mean people depend on her to investigate any problems that the team faces. Her collaborative nature means she’s great at working with a wide variety of people!


Irosha is a practical person who is able to methodically work through tasks in order to solve tricky construction and engineering problems. She spends a lot of time on construction sites and relies on her patience and organisational


Esther is a friendly person and her outgoing and co-operative nature makes her a good fit for working across different teams. She’s also practical and imaginative when it comes to problem solving, which makes her suited to working in challenging situations.


Alison is a very friendly person and her outgoing and collaborative nature is perfect for getting along with all the different people she encounters in her job. Being reliable and organised is also really important in Alison’s role and helps her make sure her measurements are accurate—which keeps our roads nice and level!

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