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People Like Me: Pathways to Apprenticeships

People Like Me in... Apprenticeships

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Building on the revolutionary approach of the original People Like Me resource, People Like Me: Pathways to Apprenticeships is an outreach resource aimed at helping girls and young women aged 14-19 see that they can be happy and successful on STEM apprenticeships.

The resource builds on the natural tendency of women and to articulate their self identity in adjectives rather than verbs, whilst directing them to different STEM apprenticeships where people just like them are already happy and thriving!

Who's it for?

  • Teachers
  • College lecturers
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • Anyone involved in promoting STEM apprenticeships to women and girls!

What's included?

  • An explanation of the facts behind this approach and how it works
  • A set of top tips for teachers on advising students on identifying their strengths and applying them to apprenticeships
  • Session guidance with a lesson plan
  • A quiz for girls and women to choose adjective and define their 'self-identity'
  • A glossary to help girls and women choose the adjectives that best describe them
  • An analysis showing girls and women how their self-identity maps onto roles where their personality would fit well.
  • Apprenticeship choices sheets that provide a list of apprenticeships withing each of the apprenticeship types.
  • A poster showing the 12 types of roles in STEM
  • A flyer for use with parents/carers that can be photocopied and sent home.
  • Case studies of girls and young women on STEM apprenticeships.

Download the resource here.

Download the poster here.

Download the flyer here.

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