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Mind maps

These postcards are visually engaging with a colourful design.

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These WISE Mind Maps outline the breadth of opportunities and careers you can follow within engineering, mobile technology, the natural world, and physics.

Download each one below (we no longer supply hard copies)



Are you interested in learning about how things work and understanding what keeps things standing? Engineering may just be the subject for you! Find out where a career in engineering can take you!



physicsmindmap(thumbnail).jpgEver wondered why things work the way they do?

A career in physics will encourage you to search for the answers to many 'how 'and 'why' questions!

Discover what you can do with physics.


Mobile technology

mobiletechmindmap(thumbnail).jpgDo you ever think about how you get internet on your phone or how a once bulky music player is now pocket-sized?

If you want to revolutionise technology, find out about the wealth of opportunities in this field.


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