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The Business Case for Increasing the Diversity of Apprentices in the Energy Sector

Diversity in Apprenticeships Project: Case Study Number One

1 March 2011

UKRC Diversity in Apprenticeships Project

Funded by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), the UKRC developed and ran a ‘Diversity in Apprenticeships’ pilot project in 2010/2011, working with the UK’s leading energy providers to increase the number of female and BAME apprentices in this sector.

This project focused specifically on the energy sector. However, the issues highlighted apply to many of the engineering sectors.

The UKRC elected to look at the under-representation of women and BAME apprentices in the energy sector for the following reasons: 

As with other heavy engineering sectors, the numbers of women and BAME applying for apprenticeships are very low. The energy sector needs to understand and address why it is not attracting these groups. 

The development of renewable energy is central to the future energy needs of the UK and is high on the national agenda. Addressing the lack of women and BAME apprentices at the early stages of this development helps to widen the available talent pool and increase the likelihood of a more diverse workforce in the future.


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The Business Case for Increasing the Diversity of Apprentices in the Energy Sector

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