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Women Into leadership: Executive summary

Women Into Leadership

5 January 2009

Women into Leadership Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Women into Leadership How to encourage women into leadership roles in science, engineering and technology Executive summary A growing body of evidence demonstrates the importance of gender balance in leadership including improvements in organisational performance and corporate governance. However women continue to be under-represented in leadership roles whether in business, academia or public life, despite forming over 45 per cent of the UK workforce. This lack of women in leadership is particularly acute in the SET sectors. In 2009, women accounted for only 10.8 per cent of all directors in SET FSTE 100 companies, 11.2 per cent of the highest paid category of STEM academic staff, and in 2008, only 23.7 per cent of all members of SET public bodies. Many SET employers would like to see more women in management and senior roles within their organisations. However, even where they are successful in increasing female recruitment, they do not see this translating over time into significantly more women leaders.

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