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Welcome to People Like Me

Aged 11 - 14 years? Explore how personal strengths open up many more career choices using science and maths

The People Like Me quiz helps you learn more about yourself and what your future career could be.

Your results will help you see what people who are just like you are doing in their careers. We’ve picked a special selection of inspirational role models to show you. All of our role models are working in science, engineering and technology – doing some really exciting and cool jobs!

If you carry on studying maths and science, you open up a whole world of opportunities, and hopefully help you find a job where you can be both happy and successful.

So let’s go ahead and see what those opportunities are.

Let’s get started

First you need to take the quiz - print out this sheet and follow the instructions.

If you’re not sure what some of the words mean, check out our glossary.

Once you’ve finished

Read the Job Analysis sheet to find out what roles people with your personality types are doing. This means that in the working world, this could be your preferred type of role.

What do you think? Do your results sound like you? You may find you prefer one of the other types, that’s fine too!

So, what’s next?

Find out more about what people like you are doing – take a look at our role models. Look closely at what personality types they are and how this helps them in their jobs.

All of these women studied science or maths, whether that was at A-level, university or through an apprenticeship. They’re all happy and successful – and you can be too.

Let us know what you thought of our People Like Me quiz – tweet us @thewisecampaign using #peoplelikeme

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