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Girl Session Testimonials

It was of terrific value and whenever anyone speaks to me or my daughter we are both buzzing still about it now - I’m just so excited at the thought that we are going into the GCSEs with the right subjects and not her doing what the school told her to do. That’s very exciting to me as a parent! – Mother from a PLM session
I thought it was really useful and interesting listening to the talks. The personality test was also very good and accurate! I really enjoyed talking to the volunteers and it was good that they came from many different fields. It was amazing to be able to talk to people in the profession I want to do when I'm older

Stephanie Mitchell, Director of Industry Relations, UTC Reading Our prospective girls were exceptionally positive about the People Like Me session, and gave some fantastic feedback

I am not scared of being an Engineer just because I am a girl
I’m feeling more confident, I know that there are lots of opportunities
That we as women and girls have the same right as men to have STEM Careers

These quotes show that the sessions are having the desired impact that I had hoped. They are more powerful than we think, and looking at the forecast data for 2017 – 2018, it looks as though the sessions are helping to achieve the numbers, as intended. UTC Reading is taking on more females in Year 10 than it has done before, and the percentage increase in KS5 Year 12 is increasing from 7% to 14%. Overall, we look to increase our percentage of girls at UTC Reading to 15% for the next academic year, which is certainly a move in the right direction.

Although my daughter is a little young for the aimed age group, she thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and enthused her further with a positive experience. She loves Maths and it was lovely to come away from a joint experience which built on that positivity. Thank you - we look forward to exploring the resources available going forward!
- Parent of attendee
Thank you very much; very helpful, great to hear lots of different talkers from different backgrounds, everyone was very generous with their time, knowledge and ideas
I really enjoyed this- I liked hearing everyone's stories.
Came as an undergrad and really enjoyed the event! I found it very inspiring and interesting
Fun, enjoyable, liked the speakers were young, enthusiastic and fantastic!
Diverse range of presentations that covered a lot of areas.
Fabulous opportunity to find out about various careers, inspirational
Interesting in terms of telling you what's available. The chat session is really useful.
Well organised and very interesting talks etc. Love the questionnaire, wish I'd done one 20 years ago!
Useful to learn about types of jobs in stem that I hadn't thought about. Chance to talk to people interested in the same things as me.
A very interesting and inspiring evening. Extremely useful!
This was really interesting- I found that the quiz was very accurate in identifying stuff for me and I found the time to talk at the end very useful. Also the PowerPoint was good.
Very good event, very inspirational, great women so much enthusiasm, so many opportunities.
Very interesting to see where people had come from. Personality traits were also very interesting
Very useful, helped with giving information about the variety of STEM careers.
It was really enjoyable and I found it very helpful and everyone was very friendly.
I thought it was very powerful giving mums and daughters a framework to discuss positive personality traits and what they are capable of achieving in the future. There was a real buzz in the room when mums, daughters and role models were discussing different career options.

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