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Premium WISE Member benefits

Customise to meet your goals and your needs

Premium membership is a custom-built solution, calibrated with precision to your organisation’s specific needs.

You work directly with a WISE relationship director to identify and diagnose your mission-critical challenges, goals and objectives and create an Action Plan to address these.

We will work with you to align the full suite of WISE tools and resources to your needs. From case studies to diagnostics, in-person workshops to on-point consultancy; from cross-organisational professional development to targeted training for senior management, we help you understand and apply insight across the entirety of your business.

Build understanding, accelerate capabilities, deliver meaningful support to your female talent.

Customise to meet your goals, and deliver exceptional results for your organisation.

In addition to the benefits offered for Core Members, Premium Members have access to:

  • Exclusive annual meetings for senior executives
  • A tailored Ten Steps Workshop to enable better use of the WISE Ten Steps framework and against other WISE members
  • A tailored workshop with a senior member of the WISE team from a list of premium members exclusive choices
  • 5 free job ads

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Annual membership fee: £10,000

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