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Who are Winton Capital?

Founded in 1997, Winton is a systematic investment manager that uses the scientific method to develop advanced investment systems. Through the statistical analysis and mathematical modelling of historical data, we strive to identify profitable investment opportunities for our clients.

We value discipline, curiosity, collaboration and ambition. Together, we want to show what science can achieve in investment management for the mutual benefit of our clients, society and ourselves. The traditional attitude to research and development used by pharmaceutical, engineering and information technology companies is, in our view, every bit as applicable in the world of finance. This requires us to have a large and well-organised team of trained professionals working on specific problems, all contributing to a central agenda.

Our people are bright, hard-working and passionate about what they do. In turn, we believe our approach to investment management, which does not subscribe to economic orthodoxy, can provide our clients with compelling diversification benefits. We have over $30 billion in assets under advice and employ over 400 people in nine locations around the world.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Winton Capital involved in?

  • We host events and sponsor awards aimed at encouraging girls and women in their pursuit of, and development within, careers in STEM fields
  • We strive to create an intellectually stimulating and rewarding working environment that inspires female scientists to work with us
  • We have generous employment benefits and a return-to-work re-induction process designed to support women during and after maternity or adoption leave
  • We participate in a cross-company mentoring scheme designed to support women in their career progression from mid- to senior-level management in a science and technology led business

Why did Winton Capital join WISE?

“We feel very strongly about encouraging women into science and promoting the outstanding research contributions female scientists continue to make worldwide. We are therefore delighted that, through our membership of WISE, we have the opportunity to help further inspire women to study and pursue careers in science, technology and engineering.”

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