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Royal Mail

Who are Royal Mail?

Royal Mail is the UK's most trusted letters and parcels delivery company. We provide a six-days-a-week, one-price-goes anywhere postal service across the UK and support customers, business and communities around the country. Royal Mail successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange in October 2013 and is now a FTSE 100 company with our employees holding shares in the company. In 2014/15, we were the 6th largest contributor to the economy of all UK corporations and one in every 180 employees in the UK works for us.

We are now engaged in one of the biggest industrial transformations in recent British history and the competitive market which we service continues to evolve and transform at a rapid rate. To address the challenges and opportunities this creates we need a diverse range of people, and we need them across all levels of the organisation, from trainee to board member. The people who are successful in STEM careers might be those who are creative and enjoy working out how something could be made better, those who can see the potential in an idea, those who have an eye for detail and can identify risks and unforeseen consequences, or those who like to investigate and piece information together to find the answer.

We truly are passionate about working towards a diverse workforce so please do look at the opportunities we have available and join us on this journey.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Royal Mail involved in?

We know as an organisation how important diversity is to the long terms success of individuals and business, and the recognition of Royal Mail as one of the Times Top 50 Employers for Women demonstrates our commitment to that vision up to board level. However we want to do more, and to do more as a network of women across all functions.

Our women within STEM roles are central in helping develop the tools, networks and processes which encourage women in technical disciplines to excel, and in doing so support the wider business goals. As a function we are collectively developing an internal community network, building multiple career paths and conducting specific skills training alongside the programme of activities helping individuals to achieve professional registration. The open and honest feedback from the women who are within that community constantly shape the initiatives making sure they are not only current, but specific to the needs of Royal Mail and how it and its people are growing and changing.

There is a huge amount of pride in the success of the women in STEM roles within Royal Mail and this is illustrated by multiple nominations and external awards. To name but a few these include individuals being shortlisted for the WISE Apprentice Scholarship and the IET Young Women Engineer of the Year Award, and also winning the Women in Logistics Rising Star Award.

We see this collaborative approach to developing our community as a way of demonstrating our values; be brilliant, be positive, be part of it. By working with WISE we know can increase the diversity of the talent pool from trainee to boardroom and drive organisational growth.

Why did Royal Mail join WISE?

WISE is an amazing pool of practical resources to plot your way through personal and organisational development, but more significantly it is a huge network of experienced and passionate people who want to find new ways to support women in STEM so that everyone succeeds.

Cathryn Lower – Technical Project Manager

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