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Who are Appsbroker Consulting Ltd?

Appsbroker is Europe's largest Google-only Cloud practice. Based in the UK, Appsbroker work hand-in-glove with Google to deliver success for Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is to help senior business executives to understand and exploit the potential of Google Cloud Platform in their terms, on their terms.

Appsbroker provides ISO:27001 accredited Agile development services, and 24x7 managed services for Google Cloud Platform, to the largest of Enterprise organisations.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Appsbroker Consulting Ltd involved in?

Appsbroker are currently looking to implement the following in support of WISE:

  • Implement “The 10 Steps” across the company
  • Have an Appsbroker representative at the WISE Awards and Conference
  • Share the WISE message in company wide communications, and demonstrate the importance of WISE
  • Update our colleagues on progress we make in hiring, and retaining, women
  • Restructure our job adverts to reach, and appeal, to women in technology
  • Make our local community aware of Appsbroker, and our support of WISE
  • Make use of the WISE website to attract more female talent into our organisation

Why did Appsbroker Consulting Ltd join WISE?

“Appsbroker is driven and passionate about being an exceptional company to work with, and work for. We are delighted to be supporting WISE to inspire more women to embrace careers in the tech industry.”

Mary Rowen - Managing Director, Appsbroker

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