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Who are 6point6 limited?

6point6 was founded in 2012 to bring a fresh and insightful approach to technology delivery. Their growth and average annual sales saw 6point6 achieve a ranking of 13th in the prestigious annual Sunday Times Tech Track 100 in 2016.

They are a leading IT consultancy based in Central London specialising in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and Big Data & Analytics

IT innovation and technology specialism are at the heart of their vision and strategy. Their teams understand how intelligent uses of technology can be adopted to provide competitive advantage across industries. Since forming they have delivered over 30 major projects many of which have spanned many years and with budgets over £50 MILL. 6point6;’s reputation has enabled them to retain a high percentage of clients since forming.

6point6 differentiate themselves because

  • They have broad, deepand highly experienced professionals within their chosen fields.
  • They are happy both in the Boardroom briefing business leaders and within delivery teams providing their deep skills and knowledge to solve business problems
  • Most Importantly – 6point6 understand that as cyber threat is increasing it is no longer acceptable to consider security separate from delivery. This is why they put cyber security at the heart of every project they deliver.

If your business needs an expert IT consultation to design, build, secure and deliver your IT strategies, please visit https://www.6point6.co.uk/.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are 6point6 limited involved in?

6point6 was founded 5 years ago with 2 employees. They wanted to take a different approach to technology delivery as they strongly believed that in today’s business environment, buyers are looking to their technology partners to come into any business meeting with their client’s best interests at hearts. They now have 20 permanent members of staff, alongside a 75 strong and building consultant headcount. 5 of their permanent roles are key to the organisation and are carried out by women; currently they have one female board member and a further female at executive level.

As part of their new forming Diversity Strategy they are keen to place as many women as possible into the business and want to break down the barriers that are all too often seen as “men only". As of the Summer of 2017 they are employing their second female graduate for an IT based career. This role offers full training, mentoring and all the support needed to embark on a new career with 6point6.

6point6 wants to enable and energise people in the IT sector in particular to encourage females to participate, contribute and be the successful strong leaders of tomorrow in technology. By promoting STEM careers and making STEM industries more transparent and accessible it is hoped that we can inspire a new generation of young females.

Suzanna Ferguson says “We are passionate about the work we carry out on behalf of our clients, and we enjoy the variety and diversity. We hope we can inspire our workforce to get involved in different ways with many of our “big world problems” to help ultimately lead us to a diverse, inclusive and successful industry.

Why did 6point6 limited join WISE?

Suzanna Ferguson

HR Director

“Here at 6point6 we are totally committed to helping females break into IT. By encouraging them in education to apply for interesting roles within IT we offer them the support they need to succeed. 6point6 see this connection with WISE as being a positive step forward and an integral part to our evolving Diversity Strategy.”

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