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Who are Includes You?

Includes You are an executive search company started in 2000, They have their own internal research function and offer to all their clients the option to use a process which tackles unconscious bias. They operate at senior level recruitment UK,Europe, Asia and Africa, in Oil & Gas, Engineering, nuclear. pharmaceutical, construction and transportation.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Includes You involved in?

Includes You are a search recruitment company that offers a process to tackle unconscious bias. we work with our clients to write a bespoke job specific questionnaire, where we remove all reference to gender, age university, and nationality, we anonymise the process right through to short-list and 1 hour prior to client interviews. We believe this process is robust and encourages diversity.

Why did Includes You join WISE?

Includes You are committed to tackling unconscious bias in recruitment, and we feel the WISE Campaign are the right group to join as their members are all committed to fairness and equality in the workplace.

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