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Who are AKT II Ltd?

There is an insistency placed by AKTII on the geographical and cultural diversity of the people it employs which started with the very different origins of the founding partners. This diversity not only culturally enriches our workplace but also provides an openness to embrace a variety of approaches. Our track record demonstrates our ability to listen, understand, learn and apply science – all key components of effective engineering. We work hard to recruit and retain the best people and ensure we reap the benefits of social, ethnic and gender diversity.

As a company who operates within the construction industry gender diversity has always been the area where being representative has always been most challenging, but we have been very successful particularly in the most recent times. Below 35 years of age almost one third of our office is female, a remarkable number which is double the output of our educational institutions. We have achieved this through encouraging our staff at all levels to actively engage with Higher Education. We work with Universities and Architecture schools and also professional institutions to raise our profile and to ensure that our industry, which is one of creative design, technology and advanced manufacture, is portrayed in its true light. Our younger members of staff, male and female are only too happy to help us attract and employ like minded people. We aim to further extend this outreach through direct interface with schools with some of our staff being STEM ambassadors.

Retention of senior staff, female and male, is achieved through an open communication, support and engagement of staff at all levels to allow each to feed their own curiosities and grow their own knowledge and experience.

Why did AKT II Ltd join WISE?

“There are so few women in the construction industry – and for no good reason! I believe that female engineers can bring an alternative way of thinking to the profession and I’d like to be a part of the cause that’s encouraging it.” Jade Purdy, Design Engineer

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