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Who are McLaren Applied Technologies?

McLaren Applied Technologies is a high-performance technology company which combines fresh thinking and innovation to solve crucial challenges and improve people's lives in industries as diverse as health, public transport, automotive and motorsport.

We are on a relentless mission to improve people’s lives by combining our fresh thinking and technology to solve crucial challenges.

Decades of competition in the world’s most technologically advanced sport has given us the ability to see and maximise the potential of an increasingly connected world.

And working with like-minded visionaries, we go beyond the limits of what was considered possible to turn ideas into reality by developing intelligent products and processes.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women's recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are McLaren Applied Technologies involved in?

McLaren Applied Technologies is a part of McLaren Technology Group’s highly successful and nationally-recognised STEM outreach programme that aims to encourage and inspire young people to pursue STEM subjects and careers. We use this programme to encourage more women to get involved in STEM subjects, given the numerical gender imbalance that currently exists within many STEM sectors. Approximately a third of our STEM ambassadors are women and we’re striving to increase this.

Abi Wetton, winner of the Telegraph’s STEM Awards for innovation is a fantastic example of how we are looking to Diversify our work force. Abi was given the opportunity to complete a week-long work experience placement with MAT. During this time, she impressed senior directors so much, that this transitioned into a permanent placement and now holds a key role within our public transport team.

We receive a huge number of requests each year for our female ambassadors to attend events and we support as many of these as possible. These can range from visits to schools for careers talks through to judging at STEM competitions and exhibiting at STEM-focused events run by local councils.

Why did McLaren Applied Technologies join WISE?

McLaren Applied Technologies is committed to building a truly diverse work force, all the way from entry level to the board. We recognise the fantastic work that WISE does, and will work closely with them to achieve our goals. Joanna Balfour – Head of HR

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