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Sabrina Castiglione - WISE Young Women's Board 2018

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Chief of Staff at Tessian

As Chief of Staff at Tessian, if it isn’t building or selling the software itself, chances are it falls to my division to tackle the challenge. That includes managing the finances, taking care of HR, assessing company risk, and finding bright new talent.

Wearing that lattermost hat and running recruitment for a high-growth tech start-up has been eye-opening. Every day I see first-hand the degree of gender imbalance in the industry - an imbalance that is severe even when compared to other STEM areas, and not only at the employment level, but at the educational level also.

Having spent time on both sides of the classroom – from further maths at school and Chemistry at Imperial, to actuarial study groups and teaching with Imperial’s STEM Outreach – I’ve always questioned why there were noticeably fewer women, especially when those present performed well. It saddens me greatly to think that all these years after so many hard-won rights for women were secured, that gender equity, both in women’s presence and women’s pay, has so far yet to go.

However, I wouldn’t be in my current role if I didn’t relish a challenge or felt daunted at the prospect of an unfamiliar and complex problem. Nor would all the amazing women working in STEM today be where they are now if they hadn’t been prepared to battle against the odds getting there.

This is a key part of what excites me about joining the Young Women’s Board at WISE; the opportunity to be there on the frontline, working to make an actionable difference, for my incredible female colleagues, for all the women out there in STEM roles and industries, and for all the young women in education, preparing now to take up the mantle for the next generation.

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