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WISE Young Women's Board - STEM Christmas Gifts for Girls 2017

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STEM Christmas Gifts for Girls 2017

The WISE Young Women’s Board have scanned the market for the best STEM Christmas Gifts available in 2017. If you want to encourage an interest in science here are some gift ideas for anyone aged 5 – 14, particularly daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, god-daughter or any other young woman.

Bearables | Woodland-themed wearable LED badges and sensors.

Inspire future electrical engineers with these woodland themed wearable LED badges to build. Sewable, hackable, wearable and adorable!
Available to buy at shop.pimoroni.com Bearables Bear Kit is £12.50 with other products from £3!

Women of NASA Lego Sets | Follow in the footsteps of 4 pioneering women of America's space agency NASA with this fun and inspiring LEGO set.

Discover the professions of four ground breaking women from NASA – astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton, astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur Sally Ride and astronaut, physician and engineer Mae Jemison, with three builds that illustrate their areas of expertise
Available from John Lewis at £19.99

Curiosity Box | Feed your child's curiosity with a box of fun experiments!

Winner of the WISE 2017 Toy Award the Curiosity Box is a subscription to a world of wonderful experiments and adventure. Championed by scientists and exploring a different topic each month, the Curiosity Box contains hands on activities and information to help children explore the world around them and beyond
Buy from www.curiosity-box.com boxes start at £4.95 + postage

Geomag | Magnetic construction toy that enables you to build fantastic models.

Use this amazing magnetic rod and sphere construction set to inspire your future engineer to build 3D structures from their imagination. How tall can they build their towers? How long can they make their bridges?
Sets available from £9.00 at The Entertainer

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats Set | Make music out of almost anything!

Become the in house DJ and create beats from objects round the house. Have fun experimenting with what conducts electricity to create music genius.
Available from ToyЯus for £29.99

Detective Dot | Inspiring the next generation of coders

Become a member of the secretive Children’s Intelligence Agency (CIA) and let your detective abilities shine with missions!
Detective Dot Adventure book available from £12.99 at www.detectivedot.org

Ozobot | Discover the wild world of robots. Remix Evo’s code and colourful personality, then share your creations with friends.

Make friends with a smart robot and inspire a thirst for coding. Learn to control Ozobot through colour coding before becoming a master of technology with online apps and games. This is a little bot with a big personality, whatever you imagine the tiny robot can do.
Find out more
ozobot.com | Available to buy from Rapid Electronics from £39.59

Lipstick Factory Kids will enjoy creating their own lipsticks while learning all the science behind them.

2017 WISE Toy Award finalist the creative Lipstick Factory allows a budding young scientist to explore the chemical engineering behind cosmetics. Mix colours and fragrances with base ingredients to make lipsticks and lip glosses. Solve crimes by analysing lip prints and investigate how lipsticks get from laboratory to our shops
£14.99 at Smyths Toys

Lil’ Engineers Construction Blocks Endless Creations with Gears, Interlocking Blocks, Screws and Much More!

Allow your budding inventor to build unlimited creations, including trucks, helicopters, robots and much more. ETI Toys’ Construction blocks contains numerous gears, connectors and connectors that let imaginations run wild. Encourage your children to work with others to build bigger creations, including you!
Find out more etitoys.com | Buy on Amazon £35.99

Giant Live Butterfly Garden Kit | Be transfixed by the transformation of 10 caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!

If there’s a passion for the outdoors this Butterfly Garden is sure to help fuel the fire. Containing all you need to nurture caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. Watch the development and metamorphosis over time before releasing the butterflies into the wild.
Buy from www.insectlore.co.uk for £27.99

ZippyKitTake me home, build me, and make my eyes blink!

2017 WISE Toy Award finalists the imaginative ZippyKit mixes fashion with electrical engineering in an ingenious toy. Let imaginations run wild whilst creating one of two characters, an owl or sunflower, with smart materials that teach the creator about electrical circuits.
Available to buy at www.zippykit.com from £14.99

Disclaimer: the above list is purely an opinion of the members of the WISE Young Women’s Board and is a small sample of the toys available on the market this Christmas. Toys were not tested officially nor endorsement from a specific provider sought.

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