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Chloe Mansford, Troup Bywaters & Anders

Chloe Mansford | Finalist for the 2017 WISE One to Watch Award | WISE Awards 2017

Finalist for the 2017 WISE One to Watch Award

29 September 2017

I am currently in my third year of an apprenticeship involving Building Services Engineering with Troup Bywaters & Anders. When I first joined Troup Bywaters & Anders, I had no real knowledge within the industry, however after three short years, I have now gained a BTEC level 3 Diploma in Building Services Science and I’m preparing to go to University to study Mechanical Engineering. Doing this will gain me a new title of Trainee Engineer as well as open my eyes to exciting subjects I would never have had the opportunity to study.

Currently I am designing and calculating the mechanical features on multiple classified jobs, this includes the ventilation, cooling, air conditioning and heating for all areas within the building. In terms of “in company” roles I am a member of our award winning “eco-mitte”. This is a company-based organisation in place to tackle the environmental policies Troup Bywaters & Anders have regulated and to ensure the sustainability of our company is at an all-time high, plus the local community.

As a female engineer starting out my journey into a STEM career, it allows me to be excited once again to expand my knowledge alongside the development of my career with more opportunities and hurdles to face head on. Growing up I have had my own female role models to inspire my ambitions and I could only hope that someday I can return the favour to other girls and inspire them to dive into the exciting journey a STEM career can bring you.

My overall key focus for women in science and engineering is to help inspire more generations older or younger towards a stem career no matter the barriers put up before them. It is never too late and the possibilities are endless.

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