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Babcock - represented by Shona Marshall and Chris Allen

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Finalist for the 2017 WISE Apprenticeship Programme Award

25 September 2017

Babcock operates a diverse and complex business, tackling projects that can provide personal challenges and development which enables us to provide a unique and exciting work environment for employees and apprentices, providing the best possible start to an interesting career. Apprentices follow a formal training programme and learn directly from Babcock’s own experts, working alongside skilled craftsmen and women on a wide range of projects. They are able to achieve professionally recognised qualifications and have input into how their own development is managed.

Apprentices are a key part of maintaining and developing Babcock’s business capability and talent pipeline. It is essential that the company’s current highly-skilled employees are able to pass on their expertise and often unique skills to ensure that Babcock can continue to provide the support its customers demand. Apprentices also help move the business forward, by enabling the mix of current cultural and technical perspectives with traditional quality and values which helps the company to evolve to meet modern business demands whilst ensuring that the standards its reputation has been built upon are not diluted. Our age profile, as across industry in general, is far too high and we need apprentices to help meet the demand. By appealing to only a small proportion of women we reduce our candidate pool significantly and we need to continue to maintain the focus on reversing that trend.

Our approach to apprentice recruitment and development is integral in our overall approach to leadership and talent development within the wider employee population. We have, and continue to introduce, more structure around development of talent at all levels within our business which aim to satisfy our current and future business requirements as well as provide opportunities for employees at all levels to knowledge share and network.

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