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Michelle Martin - 2016 Chief Scientific Officer WISE Fellow

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"I love the scientific environment in which I work in, haematology and blood transfusion, because we are an essential piece of the puzzle in determining a diagnosis."

I currently work as a Senior Specialist Biomedical Scientist (Training officer) in Haematology and Blood transfusion (Pathology) at Bart’s Health. My role requires me to be a training manager/co-ordinator with overall responsibility across Haematology and Blood transfusion department across four sites, for the oversight and planning of the training needs of all non-medical personnel, from support staff to senior scientists, and I am expected to direct training across the discipline.

I was previously a Specialist Biomedical Scientist in Haematology and Blood Transfusion at the Royal Marsden Hospital (Chelsea). As part of the role I participated in on –call carrying the Haematology laboratory bleep as a lone worker on a residential system.

I have also worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital as Biomedical scientist in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. I worked successfully in all five disciplines incorporated into the Haematology department including; Automated Haematology, Coagulation, Haemaglobinopathies and Haematinics, Blood Transfusion and the Bone marrow laboratory. During this time I gained specialist knowledge of Paediatric Haematology and Blood Transfusion practices.

I started my career as a trainee Biomedical Scientist at Barnsley District General Hospital. I trained and gained my HCPC registration. Whilst employed I rotated through all components of the Haematology department and was awarded my Certificate of Competence by the IBMS (Institute of Biomedical Science).

I love the scientific environment in which I work in, haematology and blood transfusion, because we are an essential piece of the puzzle in determining a diagnosis. I recall when I was on-call I cross matched 15 units of blood for a patient with multiple antibodies that had complications during theatre. At the end when the patient survived it gave me a real sense of joy to know that from matching together agglutination patterns we had worked together science and clinicians to save a life. That is why I love my job. It may be behind closed doors but we piece together puzzles on a daily basis to save lives.

My ten-year journey in the NHS has been one of sweat and tears; however it is a path that has been focussed on my vision and determination. I am personally inspired by the many women who share their story of persistence, vision, courage and kindness and would like to consciously bring other women to Science and Engineering, and helps build confidence in other women. As a healthcare scientist my interest in scientific leadership spurns from the fact that there is no Chief Executive or board member that I am aware with a healthcare science back ground. This I believe to be a loss because as a healthcare scientist I feel there are skills which could be greatly utilised in a leadership position.

I look forward to this Fellowship and hope it will give me the opportunity to attend and speak at conferences with a goal of sharing my experiences and motivating others. I would love the chance to put myself forward within the scientific community and receive the knowledge of experience and mentorship from senior women within the WISE community. I would like to use the power of social media and my personal brand as a platform for sharing, encouraging and inspiring other women into science. My current role means I have work experience student form local schools in my department. I would like to expand this and really engage with local universities, colleges as well as schools putting on events to engage the next generational females into science. I hope the WISE fellowship enables me to leave a legacy of self-aspiration for other women.

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