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Top 10 Christmas science gifts for girls

Christmas gifts

​Top 10 Christmas science gifts for girls

7 November 2016

Top 10 Christmas science gifts for girls

Are you looking for Christmas present ideas for your daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, god-children and young female friends? If you want to encourage an interest in science here are our top ten toys that should make great gifts for girls aged 4 to 14.

The careers for girls in science, engineering and technology are amazing – there are great jobs and businesses are actively looking to employ women. The pay is good – why wouldn’t you want to encourage them?

Let us know if these are popular with your budding scientists and engineers.. or feel free to tweet/ send us your own toy suggestions! – contact us on Twitter @thewisecampaign or Facebook.

1. Zippykit Smart toys for both girls and boys products from £18 Buy on zippykit.com

ZippyKit want to promote gender equality when it comes to electronics. By building their new friend themselves, children not only gain confidence in their capabilities of building something technological and interactive.

2. Roominate wired studio - £28.69 Buy on Amazon

Connect wall and floor panels to build your structure. Wire up the motor circuit to make spinning windmills, carousels, and elevators.

3. Learning Resources Design and Drill Centre - £29.99 Buy at Bright Minds

Four activity boards - a robot, rocket, car and boat; select bolts to fix using the toy spanner, age 4+.

4. 4M Great Gizmo Potato Clock - £12.99 Buy at Bright Minds

Discover how to power a digital clock using only potatoes (then try apples and lemons), age 8+

5. Science4you Human Body Kit Educational Science Toy STEM Toy - £24.99 Buy on Amazon

Learn which systems make your body work and find out how your heart is able to pump blood, age 8+.

6. 6 in 1 Solar Power Science Toy Fun Kit Ages 6+ Kids Play Car Boat Fan Education- £9.99 Buy on Amazon

Solar powered six in one gadget – can become a car boat or fan powered by sunlight alone, age 6+

7. Science4You Chocolate Factory Kit Educational Science Toy STEM Toy - £21.99 Buy on Amazon

Discover how to make chocolate lolipops and fun chocolate cups with balloon, age 8+.

8. Science4You Ecological Greenhouse kit- -£19.99 Buy on Amazon

Learn how to grow and reproduce your own plants, age 6-14 years.

9. Water Science - £12.79 Buy at Amazon

The properties of water and how to create fantastic soap bubbles, age 8+.

10. ThinkFun Robot Turtles Board Game - £24.47 Buy on Amazon

Teach children as young as 4 the basics of computer programming.

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Detective DOT Learn about coding - Products from £6.99 Buy on DetectiveDOT.org

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