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Dr Ying Cheong

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Winner of the WISE Tech Start-Up Award

28 October 2016

"To learn to bend like the bamboo, bend but don’t break, be flexible but yet remain firmly grounded. You can be defeated, but always spring back. Be resourceful but always embrace simplicity"
Dr Ying Cheong, Associate Professor in Reproductive Medicine, University of Southampton

Dr Cheong founded the Complete Fertility Centre Southampton at the Princess Anne Hospital in 2011 which now treats hundreds of patients with fertility problems and in 2016 founded Vivoplex with her co-workers, a company which combined technical and clinical expertise to develop advanced miniaturized biometric sensors for advance monitoring of the environment within the womb.

Ying’s research interest centers around understanding the biology of womb. She works closely with collaborators across disciplines in the School of Electronics, Computer Science and Nanoscience within the University in the development of nano-therapeutics and medical biosensors and have multinational collaborators in Europe, China and the Far East. For the first time, parameters vital to the environment within the womb are directly measurable, providing a better understanding of the fertility process. The business is built on strong partnerships and collaborations between industry, academia and the health service sectors. Ying leads the academic clinical team, who have facilitated the development of powerful medical sensor technology, which is continually being trialled, to generate evidence-based critical outcomes which can directly address the current clinical need of many aspects of women’s reproductive health. Wireless medical sensor technology is integral to investigating the environment of the womb and will continue to be at the heart of Vivolex’s development and advancement.

Judges comments: This winner has created a ground breaking, innovative technology product which uses a data driven approach to deliver better outcomes to an industry which lacks scientific rigour. The judges were impressed with the inspiration behind the idea and the level of thought leadership displayed.

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