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Victoria Peppiatt

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Shortlisted for the WISE Tech Start-Up Award

28 October 2016

Victoria Peppiatt, COO, Phrasee

Victoria is a person who gets things done. Vibrant, enthusiastic and often loud, she plans and executes all of the things that make an exciting, fast-growing tech business run. She’s the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Phrasee, a tech start-up that uses artificial intelligence to write more effective marketing language than humans. Victoria is the person that humanises advanced technology. Previously, she founded and ran an innovative creative & branding agency for 10 years, learning all the things that make a small business run. Her BMus in Music & Technology gave her a sound foundation in technology. As her career progressed, her focus on ‘doing tech’ transitioned into ‘managing others who do tech’ and this is where her strengths at Phrasee lie.

“My advice to females is this: understand what your skills set is, and have the confidence to apply it in non- traditionally female settings. If you want to do something, just go and do it. But remember that femininity is an asset, not an obstacle. It should never be about males vs. females. It's about having the best people in the jobs, regardless of if some of them wear dresses to work. If people tell you because you're a girl you shouldn't do something, prove them wrong. I have.”

Victoria's People Like Me types: Trainer, Policy Maker and Supporter

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