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Rebecca Wassall

Rebecca Wassall

Shortlisted for the WISE International Open Source Award 2016

27 October 2016

Rebecca Wassall, Director, OpenOdonto CIC

Rebecca is a practising community dentist. As Clinical Lecturer at Newcastle University and NIHR Transitional Research Fellow, she provides dentistry for adults with complex needs and undertakes research into the organisation and delivery of dental services for older dependent people. Her frustration with current IT systems to improve all health and well-being prompted her to engage with NHS hackdays This led to an understanding of, and commitment to open source solutions with the goal of allowing dentists across the world to offer better care to their patients through systems using modern technologies, free of charge and more importantly, free to improve. Her drive, networking and credibility led to the creation of OpenOdonto Community Interest Company and secured initial funding from the NHS (where she is a director of their open source initiative, Apperta) to get the project off the ground. She has built a team, consisting of volunteers, paid consultants and time from clinicians supported by their employers. Patient care is central to this goal, removing the inefficiencies which current practices require by streamlining referral processes. It has the potential to change the experience for patients worldwide.

Rebecca's People Like Me types: Explorer, Investigator and Developer

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