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Dr Rebecca Sage

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Shortlisted for the WISE Tech Start-Up Award

28 October 2016

Dr Rebecca Sage, Managing Director, Interactive Scientific Ltd

Rebecca is visioning the future of science education. She has led iSci in the development of the state-of-the-art digital tool, Nano Simbox (NSB) which has won a place at BETT futures, recognised as one of the globally leading educational technology tools. NSB is a digital portal that allows people to interact with the wiggling and jiggling atoms and molecules that underpin our natural world. Currently at demonstrator stage, NSB is a 3D digital representation of atoms and molecules with multi-platform and multi-device capabilities, including interactive virtual reality. It enables anyone, from students of science to a cutting edge scientific researcher, to push the limits of the molecular world in a safe environment, increasing curiosity and expanding the frontiers science. iSci was one of only six companies to be awarded a contract by the UK government for the advancement of education technologies. Recently the company ran the first Science Educator Residency and they are poised to launch the Interactive Science Educator Network. Rebecca has levered the success of iSci to secure significant seed investment to develop and test NSB in UK schools, which has now been in the hands of thousands of school students to high acclaim. Rebecca has also worked with innovative digital and scientific companies, with a particular focus on science education initiatives and how chemistry impacts global challenges. She regularly presents in industry and school environments, with many years’ experience of science outreach and education activities.

Rebecca's People Like Me types: Explorer, Supporter, Regulator and Entrepreneur

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