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Dr Patricia Hunt

Dr Patricia Hunt

Shortlisted for the WISE Research Award

27 October 2016

Dr Patricia Hunt, Reader in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Imperial College London

Patricia is a fantastic role model inspiring girls to enter science and for women to pursue a scientific career. She works hard to make her lectures accessible to women and considers how women approach complex visualisation tasks, includes examples particularly relevant for women and highlights female role models. Every year, students comment on her resources, lecturing and particularly on her enthusiasm for science. “A wonderful lecturer who really cares for her students, and takes on and uses feedback fantastically.” Patricia’s research involves developing and using computer codes to solve the equations of quantum mechanics. It involves building new mathematical models that describe the electronic structure of molecules, literally creating new science. Her research has provided groundbreaking investigation and characterisation of the fundamental molecular level interactions within ionic liquids (ILs). She has been first to establish clear links between electronic structure and physico-chemical properties of ILs, providing insights that many researchers now use to conceptualise them. Patricia has been instrumental in proposing and showing that previously dismissed or unknown features of ILs are vitally important and this has the potential to lead to substantial gains in a wide range of areas and applications – industrial, environmental and technological.

Patricia's People Like Me types: Explorer, Entrepreneur, Regulator and Supporter

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