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Hilary Lappin-Scott

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Winner of the WISE Hero Award

27 October 2016

"I still have my head in the clouds over this award! The evening was absolutely amazing and I am so proud of the award."
Prof Hilary Lappin-Scott, Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, Swansea University

A role model who instils confidence in women must be visible and accessible. Hilary Lappin-Scott is both. She drives, supports and promotes STEM activities across the university and beyond, making time to provide a professional and personalised approach to all. By personally being the face of the work that she undertakes in gender equality and STEM, Prof Lappin-Scott carves out and treads a path that others can follow. Most importantly, she makes time for others to support them in their journey. She graduated from the University of Warwick (BSc and PhD) and then held Post-doctoral Fellowships in the UK and Canada before her appointment as Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Exeter in 1990. She was awarded a Personal Chair in Microbiology in 1999. Her research group works on unravelling the complexities within microbial biofilm communities and has resulted in the publication of over 200 scientific papers in Microbial Ecology and the successful training of 50 PhD students to completion, many of whom have senior academic or senior posts in multi-national businesses. During her 20 years at the University of Exeter she was Head of Biosciences prior to becoming Dean of the Postgraduate Faculty. Hilary Lappin-Scott was also the co-author of ‘Talented Women for a Successful Wales’, a report for the Chief Scientific Officer of the Welsh Government, published earlier this year.

Prof Hilary Lappin-Scott's People Like Me types: Trainer, Persuader, Communicator and Supporter

Judges comments: All the finalists in this category had amazing and diverse stories to tell but the winner was selected for her passion about change on a global level and without boundaries. Busy, visible and creative she brings together science and industry to improve lives.

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