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Dorothy Gradden

Dorothy Gradden

Shortlisted for the WISE Hero Award

27 October 2016

Dorothy Gradden, Head of Programme Delivery Magnox, Sellafield

Dorothy displays exceptional talent in overcoming challenges, which has always set her apart from the crowd. From the early days of her career, as one of two women on a 200 strong engineering course at Manchester University, her energy and enthusiasm coupled with resolute determination has seen her rise to lead the First Generation Magnox Storage Pond and Pile Fuel Storage Pond programmes, high-hazard “Legacy Ponds’ at Sellafield and nationally important nuclear clean-up projects. She has worked in the nuclear industry for over 30 years. After graduating in1983, the first half of Dorothy’s career was in building nuclear reactors for the National Nuclear Corporation. She has worked on all of the UK reactor designs to date at nuclear sites across the UK. Joining Sellafield in 1999, Dorothy worked in a variety of roles including design, commercial and project/programme management. Her role is one of huge national importance and she is a highly successful, great team leader who is resilient, focused and not afraid of a challenge. As someone who joined the industry at a time when women engineers were rare, Dorothy actively promotes engineering education and career pathways for women and is the former Chair of North West Women in Engineering.

Dorothy's People Like Me types: Explorer, Investigator, Developer and Regulator

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