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Clare Grey

Clare Grey

Shortlisted for the WISE Research Award

27 October 2016

Professor Clare Grey, Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Professor Grey, who says research can be really fun, is the Geoffrey Moorhouse-Gibson Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University and a Fellow of Pembroke College Cambridge. She received a BA and D.Phil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Invention of the lithium ion battery helped underpin the portable electronics revolution and the development of products such as the smartphone and laptops. Clare has established a reputation as a world-leading scientist in the characterisation and development of materials for a new generation of such devices. She investigates dendrite formation in batteries which causes short circuits, explosions and battery fires that have plagued the industry. She has an exceptionally strong record of mentoring women PhD students in research and says, “Get involved in research as early as you can. Research is about asking questions and designing methods to test hypotheses and explore ideas. Creativity comes from all directions: those who get the top marks in an exam are not always the best scientists.”

Clare's People Like Me types: Explorer, Communicator, Trainer and Supporter

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