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WITBoss Launch

WITBoss event in Leeds 19th May 2016

WISE was invited to speak at the launch of WITBoss in Leeds on the subject of female leaders in IT

19 May 2016

Corecom Consulting launched WITBoss on 19 May 2016 as part of their award-winning Boss Event Networking Series. WITBoss is specifically targeted towards female leaders within IT.

Helen Wollaston, Chief Executive of WISE attended the event to share her experiences and explain the campaigns that are in place to promote women in science, technology, and engineering industries.

Gillian Arnold, Non-Exec on the Board of WISE and Chair of British Computing Society (BCS) Women, presented on ‘Deconstructing the Glass Ceiling’. Gillian’s presentation looked at the elements that can mean an inequality of opportunity for women in Technology and how to counter them. Her talk outlined the essential elements which make up the glass ceiling, the impact that they will have, and how to ensure you make it through. Gillian is also listed in the Computer Weekly top 10 most influential women in IT for 2015,

"Shockingly, we make little progress on increasing the numbers of women in technology roles in the UK. Whilst I believe that much of the issue is for the employers to deal with, I know that women in tech will want to get active and boost their own chances of getting the best career they can get. So this session will offer hints and tips on getting through the glass ceiling." Gillian Arnold

WITBoss creates a unique platform for female leaders within IT across Yorkshire to debate, discuss hot topics, and learn from reputable and established speakers whilst networking with like-minded individuals.

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Launch of WITBoss in Leeds on 19th May 2016

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