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Network Rail: The Inclusive Design Strategy

Network Rail - The Inclusive Design Strategy

WISE corporate member Network Rail has published their Inclusive Design Strategy 2015-19

14 January 2016

Gender is one element of diversity and obviously what we focus on at WISE and we support Network Rail to help them improve their gender balance. However, gender is only one part of diversity and Network Rail have invested a lot in diversity and inclusion.

Every decision made by Network Rail for the 18 major stations, 2000+ smaller stations, 20,000 miles of track, level crossings and foot bridges, 32,000 bridges and tunnels, 8,200 commercial properties and hundreds of offices, depots and regional operating centres which they own and/or manage has to comply with their diversity and inclusion policy and more specifically with their inclusive design strategy called “Spaces and Places for Everyone”.

The objective is to provide a rail infrastructure that is safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever before. Network Rail’s Inclusive Design Strategy has been developed in consultation with a range of internal and external parties, and describes how they will get better every day at offering more inclusive environments, from railways to workplaces.

Inclusive Design means designing and building any space so that people will be able to access it (in this case the rail network) equally, confidently and independently with choice and dignity regardless of their age, disability, culture, gender or faith or whether they are carrying shopping, children or luggage. An environment designed inclusively which is good for everyone.

Network Rail invited me to their Inclusive Design Conference a few months back which was very well attended with people from all over the UK, from across Network Rail but also external to NR from all walks of live not just from the rail sector. It was a fascinating day for me, to be immersed in something “new” and it felt very inclusive. Very interesting to understand more about inclusive design and the needs of others.

Inclusive Design is becoming more and more integral of any construction or infrastructure project and will be a growing sector in itself – rightfully so.

We commend Network Rail for this huge undertaking and commitment to its staff, suppliers, partners, passengers and people it interacts with.

Download The Inclusive Design Strategy

Barbara Dischinger
Partnership Manager

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