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Professor Charlotte Williams

WISE Knowledge Sharing event at Imperial College London

20 January 2016

How Gender Diversity Drives Innovation

Vicki Jeffery

Vicki Jeffery: An internship with WISE

14 January 2016

The absolute highlight of my time working with WISE was the WISE Awards and Conference 2015

Network Rail - The Inclusive Design Strategy

Network Rail: The Inclusive Design Strategy

14 January 2016

WISE corporate member Network Rail has published their Inclusive Design Strategy 2015-19

Julia Attias - PhD researcher – Space Physiology

Julia Attias: I always want to achieve what seems to be the unachievable.

13 January 2016

A day in the life of a PhD Researcher in Space Physiology

Stephanie Newman, Rolls-Royce PLC

Stephanie Newman - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Airframe Integration Manager, Rolls-Royce PLC

Jia-Yan Gu

Jia-Yan Gu - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Executive Director in Technology at Goldman Sachs

Emma Thomas, WISE Young Women's Board

Emma Thomas - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Analyst at Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)

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