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Zipporah Stephen - WISE Young Women's Board 2018

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Business Analyst at Data Interconnect

Growing up I wasn’t always good at Math but I made the conscious decision to get better at it. I later went on to do Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics for my GCE, holding a Private Pilot License at 18 and graduating with a first in Mathematics with Computer Science with Professional Practice BSc (Hons). I am passionate about numbers, very curious and always think things through to find patterns and answers.

Being very enthusiastic about Mathematics and Science, I constantly motivate and encourage others with my infections energy and never let “You can’t do that! You are a girl!!” hold me back. In fact I go against the grain when told I can’t do something, whether it is picking the harder musical instrument to play, to choosing the path less travelled. My journey in STEM has been an interesting and rewarding one. I want girls and women to realise their hidden potential and see the opportunities an inquisitive mind leads to and discover their inner strength, especially among adversity by believing in yourself.

The UK has a decreasing number of women in technology due to the lack of aptitude in STEM subjects. Going into local schools and working with girls I know the potential they hold and the barriers that hold them back. Technology companies need women not just for the detail oriented dedication they bring but to also improve diversity and thereby increase productivity. As much as we need to make girls aware of STEM and the opportunities available with it as a career path and lifestyle, we also need to retain the women we have in STEM by creating a fulfilling environment where they can grow, thrive and develop.

I believe one step at a time we can make a difference and I want to be part of that revolution.

When you believe, the sky is not a limit.

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