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Sue Threader

Sue Threader

Shortlisted for the WISE Inspiring Young People Award 2015

12 November 2015

Sue Threader, Chief Executive, Rochester Bridge Trust

Sue is passionate about engaging the interest of young children before they encounter the ‘engineering is for boys’ stereotype. She promotes engineering to young women by being a visible role model, and mentoring those who plan to become civil engineers. Upon appointment with the Rochester Bridge Trust, Sue identified that the charity was ideally placed to promote awareness, knowledge and skills in engineering to young people. Sue runs events in schools and colleges, gives career talks, has written a book and associated website for primary schools called Learning about Bridges, and uses local media to raise awareness of resources available through the Trust to support young people’s interest in engineering. Maddy, Year 6, writes about the excitement of winning a bridge building competition: “I think we won because of the engineering principles we put into our bridge. When I grow up I would like to be a civil engineer. Mrs Threader has inspired me”

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