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Ten Steps Measuring Progress Event

Ten Steps Measuring Progress Event

As part of our ongoing Ten Steps initiative to improve retention and development of female talent we recently held "Measuring Progress" a round table event that drew together 16 Ten Steps Signatory companies.

9 September 2015

The session, hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and facilitated by WISE, was structured around the results of the Ten Steps diagnostic tool that 22 companies had completed and submitted to identify their areas of progress and those where greater emphasis was required.

In collating the diagnostic results WISE identified that:

  • Understanding the Starting Point &
  • Approach this like any other Business Improvement Project

were the areas where companies felt they were doing well, whilst

  • Educating Leaders
  • Demonstrating you wish to retain and develop &
  • Creative Job Design

were the weakest areas for those who had participated. These results will help both WISE and the Academy target relevant support and interventions in the future. Those present were highly collaborative, sharing good practice both round the table and through direct connections after the event. Further information on tools, techniques and projects at BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Mouchel and Sky were circulated after the event to allow further follow up.

WISE, supported by the Academy, intend to hold further Ten Steps events within their Knowledge Sharing Event programme and the subject that attendees felt would be of most value was Creative Job Design for which an event is now in planning for the new year.

There are now 35 signatories to the Ten Steps

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