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WISE supports Bechtel Networking & Speed Mentoring Event

WISE at Bechtel Networking & Speed Mentoring Event

WISE has been working with one of their recent new members Bechtel to create an event to re-enthuse and refresh their company mentoring activities.

3 June 2015

"Many thanks for your support this morning at the W@B event, which really surpassed our expectations in terms of energy, engagement and enthusiasm. I have had lots of positive feedback from mentees and mentors and there is a real sense of momentum which we need to sustain."

Sarah Golding & Peter Murray, Bechtel

The Speed Mentoring Event was planned and organised by the women@bechtel network supported by WISE and generated a huge interest from potential mentors and mentees.

The event was introduced by Ailie MacAdam - Managing Director, Infrastructure - who explained how Bechtel were aligning their objectives to improve diversity with their strategic plan and how they were monitoring this. WISE Development Director, Suzy Firkin, was the key note speaker and talked about why mentoring is important, what is really happening in a successful mentoring relationship and what really makes a difference for women.

With some important principles under their belts, the attendees then participated in a hugely energetic and interesting speed mentoring session. This took the form of a series of short, focused conversations around a specific question. Each mentee got to experience 6 conversations with 6 different mentors. With over 50 mentors and mentees the event was a great success with many new mentors coming forward to volunteer their time and the younger mentees growing their network of contacts within the organisation.

WISE and Bechtel are happy to share their learning from the event and support others in arranging their own speed mentoring experience.

Bechtel have been WISE Members since 2014 and are signatories to the Ten Steps

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