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Tara Moore

Tara Moore

Winner of the 2014 WISE Hero Award

13 November 2014

Tara Moore, Vision Science Research Group Leader, Associate Director of Biomedical Science Research Institute, Ulster University

Professor Tara Moore has made a tremendous impact on people’s health, well-being and safety through her contributions to forensic science. Progressing to a star role worldwide, she teaches professionals to recognise, treat and prevent rape, child abuse and domestic violence. One of the few experts in molecular biology, her research has improved treatment for debilitating blinding eye diseases, passed from parent to child.

She has just returned from a charitable trip to the Amazon, as part of a team, restoring vision to hundreds of people suffering from cataract and pterygium. Tara is also the mother of seven children under the age of 10.

“As a farmer’s daughter from a rural village in Ireland there was little thought of me ever progressing in school beyond 16, never mind doing a degree, a PhD and a fellowship and Harvard University as a research scientist and becoming a Professor before I was 40 years old. I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of my career in science and competing in a national and international level to secure funding to continue my research."

On winning the WISE Award, Tara said, “It’s a real privilege and honour to be recognised for the work I’ve done in science.”

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