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Winner of the 2014 WISE Employer Award

13 November 2014

Shell has a wide range of measures in place to recruit and retain women, including mandatory reporting on diversity targets in managers’ appraisals and a UK Women’s Network with over 2000 members.

The company measures improvements through reduced female attrition rates, an increase in the proportion of STEM roles and senior executive roles occupied by women (now 18% and 15% respectively) and women’s response to staff surveys relating to inclusion in the workplace. 11% of UK employees are home-workers, 6% work part-time and 26% are on flexible working arrangements.

As a leader in this field, Shell aspires to be a role model within the oil and gas sector for the inclusion and retention of women.

"We are so happy with our win - this a real recognition for our support and progress made in our STEM representation, a huge inspiration to aim higher." Trui Hebbelinck, Vice President Human Resources UK, Ireland, Nordics, South Africa, Shell

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