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Professor Jean Manson OBE

Professor Jean Manson OBE

Highly Commended nominee of the 2014 WISE Lifetime Achievement Award

13 November 2014

Professor Jean Manson OBE, Head of Neurobiology, The Roslin Institute

Jean has earned an international reputation for scientific innovation and has been at the forefront of research in her field. Initially working on cystic fibrosis, she initiated a programme of research in 1989 on the so-called prion diseases, which proved to have a major international impact.

During the BSE and vCJD crises, she developed and directed a high profile programme of research on these devastating diseases, including assessment of the risks of transmission to humans. Throughout her career she has mentored and encouraged young researchers.

“Every day I see a strong female scientist, internationally recognised for her expertise. It has never occurred to me that being female will affect my career because I see a woman who is achieving her potential (with more to give) and still enjoying life outside work.” Dr Abi Diack.

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