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Dr Sarah Bohndiek

Dr Sarah Bohndiek

Winner of the 2014 WISE Research Award

13 November 2014

Dr Sarah Bohndiek, Group Leader, Department of Physics and Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

When we think about cancer research we tend to think about chemists and biologists, but Sarah is an engineer. She leads an international research team working at the interface of physics, biology and medicine to develop new techniques for imaging oxygen and oxidative stress in cancer.

Sarah is developing sensitive and specific imaging tools which could one day be available at GP level, allowing far earlier detection and treatment, which could ultimately save thousands of lives. Whilst trailblazing researchers gain recognition amongst their peers when papers are published, there is very little celebration of their work in the wider community.

“Sarah is a charismatic and highly intelligent physicist and a perfect role model for aspiring researchers and young girls” says Cary Marsh, CEO of Mydeo.

On winning the WISE Award, Sarah said, “It’s a great privilege to win the award because the other two shortlisted nominees are such amazing individuals. It’s nice to have the recognition of my current position and will inspire me to go on championing women.”

Watch the video of Dr Sarah Bohndiek.

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