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Dr Ceri Lewis

Dr Ceri Lewis

Shortlisted nominee of the 2014 WISE Hero Award​

13 November 2014

Dr Ceri Lewis, Lecturer in Marine Biology, University of Exeter

Ceri’s research interest is in how marine invertebrates adapt and survive in a changing and increasingly polluted marine environment. Working in temperatures down to -50oC in the Canadian High Arctic, she used her data on the threats to marine species and global marine biodiversity to produce “Frozen Oceans” educational resources used in 22% of UK secondary schools.

Children can experience her latest research on micro plastics in real time, learning about the impact of plastic waste which ends up in the sea. “Full of passion, tenacity and enthusiasm, Ceri Lewis has opened new vistas for 100,000s of young people” says Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Founder of Digital Explorer.

Watch the video of Dr Ceri Lewis

Watch a film of Dr Ceri Lewis with her team: Acid Arctic? What the ocean tells us about climate change

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