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Winner of the 2014 WISE Leadership Award

13 November 2014

The Daphne Jackson Trust, led by Dr Katie Perry, supports women and men returning to science and engineering careers following a break for family, caring or health reasons. Daphne Jackson Fellows return to a wide array of STEM disciplines ranging from astrophysics to software engineering and with them bring a unique combination of experience, knowledge and dedication to the research team and more broadly to the scientific discipline to which they return.

Since it was founded in 1992 the Trust has helped over 250 women return to STEM careers, with many going on to permanent academic positions, and four to date reaching professorial level. In the last 12 months, Katie has secured sponsorship from more than 12 organisations who will be sponsoring fellows for the first time.

On winning the WISE Award, Katie said, “I have a team of people that work so hard. It is so lovely to have the recognition for all the work that they do.”

Watch the video of Pia Ostergaard talking about the work of the Daphne Jackson Trust.

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